About me

My name is Tom Slenter and I am the founder of SkyLineSeven. This website was set up with one major goal in mind: to help people with the configuration of enterprise class devices. Throughout my professional life I have been asked numerous times about the configuration of enterprise class devices. I used to document these questions and their answers in a plaintext format. Which is clearly not the most convenient manner of storing the information, least of all for future reference. Therefore I started SkyLineSeven as a personal website where I could conveniently store, find and test my solutions.

Recently I decided to make the website go public and for that purpose translated and/or posted the tested configurations. In the short-term future I will be adding and translating more of these solutions as much as my free time permits. My hope with posting these solutions is that they provide examples, shortcuts and blueprints for your problems with enterprise class devices in a findable but most of all a clear and concise manner. For even more convenience I have created an app that contains all of the information on this website, find it in your App Store!