Latest version website (discontinued)

Version Added new information + small security patch.

Previous versions

Version 1.1.7: Added new information and F5 menu.

Version 1.1.6: Added new information.

Version 1.1.5: Added new information.

Version 1.1.4: Changed links and redirects.

Version 1.1.3: Added a anonymous forum. This is currently running for a test. Feel free to try and start a new Microsoft/Cisco topic. (Test ended on 19-09-2016). 

Version 1.1.2: Added some small fixes and updates. 

Version 1.1.1: Added some small fixes and updates. 

Version 1.1: A few bug fixes and software updates. Added a YouTube channel + google+ features.

Version 1: Extra articles on-line. Menu change.

RC1: A lot of updates, bug fixes. Logo has changed.

BETA 1.0: A few ajustments and fixes.

Alpha 0.2: Replacement for the legacy site.

Latest version SK7 app (discontinued and disabled)

Version 1.3.0: is now public available. New offline version + improved some coding. Press the button below to download:


Previous versions

Version 1.2.9: is now public available. New offline version + shaken option to switch between offline and on-line.

Version 1.2.8: is now public available. New offline version + small bug fixes. 

Version 1.2.7: is now public available. New offline version.

Version 1.2.6: is now public available. New offline version.

Version 1.2.5: is now public available. Some cosmetic fixes.

Version 1.2.3: is now public available. Improved offline functionality with some cosmetic fixes.

Version 1.2.2: is now public available. This app has a build in offline website with limited functionality.

Version 1.2.1: is now public available. 

BETA 1.1 is available as download.(Not publicly available)

BETA 1 is available as download. Extra articles on-line.(Not publicly available)

Latest version SK7 Tube

Version 1.1.1 of SK7_Tube: is now available. (No support)

Previous versions

Version 1.1 of SK7 Tube: is now available. (Not publicly available)

Version 1.0 of SK7 Tube: is now available. (Not publicly available)

Latest version Remote Syslog

More version/download information available @

Previous versions

BETA 0.7: Fixed some bugs, more version information available @

BETA 0.6: Changed GUI color / Added GUI buttons / Changed daily rotation to weekly / Fixed some bugs / Installer has a auto-detect upgrade/full setup. (Not publicly available)

BETA 0.5: BUG fix symlink + added per host archive. (Not publicly available)

BETA 0.4: Added GUI and archive button. (Not publicly available)

BETA 0.3: Early GUI with bugs. (Not publicly available)

BETA 0.2: Added color pattern to CLI. (Not publicly available)

BETA 0.1 First release, CLI only. (Not publicly available)

ALPHA 0.1 Concept bash version. (Manual available)