What type of information can be found on SkyLineSeven?

This site contains a few how to's and configuration files. The documents show a quick command overview how to configure a device. Please note that the question "why" for each command is not included. Just use google to find out or use copy paste to get started.

Are there more articles?

Yes, there are more articles, so feel free to make a request. Just use our contact page to contact us.

Is there a app?

Yes there is a app. The app has a build in offline version with limited functionality. This allows you to view commands and example configuration without internet. To try the app just search for "skylineseven.nl" in the app store. To check your platform compatibility go to the version section.

Why does my app contain old articles in the offline version?

The app works with periodically releases. The offline version is for locations without internet. In this way you always have a portable set of example configuration/commands available. The website always contain the latest information. So make sure that your app has internet to run the latest version.

Can I view videos in the SK7 app offline mode?

No, the offline version has no links to our youtube video channel. It requires internet.

How to switch between offline and on-line version in the SK7 app?

The SK7 app has a preloaded offline version. To switch between on-line and offline just shake your device. This is implemented in version 1.2.9 and higher. 

Is it free?

The information on this site is free to use. All the documents have been built as WYSIWYG. To update a document, feel free to contact us by email. To keep this website free we use donations. Click on the button below to send us a small fee: